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I met Alistair Begg at Farmers Market!

I met Alistair Begg at Farmers Market!

So, I stopped by to see a few friends at Farmers last week and hung out at a booth that friends host were you can take a bible quiz and ask questions about the Christian faith.

After being there a few minutes a man came up, walked straight to the table and grabbed a quiz with a slight smile on his face. I noticed a few others watching him from afar and thought maybe he was a skeptic that just wanted to give us a hard time (hence their lafter). He filled it out and handed it to me. Before I looked it over I held out my hand and asked him his name. He looked me in the eyes and said with a Scottish accent, Alistair. My eyes opened wide (well one is always opened wide right now : ) and replied, "not Alistair Begg is it?!" To my surprise he said, “ya” with a smile.

I said "Wow, welcome to the central coast, lets see how you did!"


Alistair Begg is the Senior Pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland Ohio and has been a faithful Pastor and preacher of the gospel for many years (he started preaching at his current church the same year I was born 28 years ago). I listen to him on the radio every now and then and you can hear him on 890am in the afternoon most days of the week. His radio program is called Truth for Life. I recommend it!

It is not every day you go street witnessing and run into someone like him. He was very kind and encouraging. He got all the questions right of course (on the medium quiz : ) and then we talked for about 15-20 minutes and I met his wife and his friends who live in Arroyo Grande. They are in town visiting for a few days.

After that I listened to my friend Dan talking to a guy for a while who is a junior at Cal Poly and an atheist. He talked with me after Dan and just really seemed to like the topic so we keep talking. He had some unique beliefs that kinda sounded like some form of theistic evolution although he was adamant that was not what it was and keep stating that he believed natural selection was the design mechanism that got us here today.

I expressed that the very definition of Darwinian evolution depends on unguided processes and is the main explanation for life apart from design…
I try to be as fair to other worldviews as I can when I talk to people even though sometimes a person may not fully understand the worldview they seek to represent. Now of course we can all hold a whole mix of views and opinions and meld them together and interchange the same word with various meanings but since language is what we have to communicate with I think maintaining accurate definitions of words and not changing them around all the time is important. We actually ended up talking for almost two hours and walked over to Kreuzbergs for a little while.

Whether Alistair Beg or a Cal Poly Atheist it sure is a blessing to be out in the community talking about life and faith. So many fascinating people in this world and I believe God cares deeply for each and every one.