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FCA Beach Party & Volleyball Tournament

FCA Beach Party & Volleyball Tournament

Hey Everyone!

We recently had our FCA Beach Party and Volleyball Tournament. I love anytime we can get students from different campuses together in one place but it’s especially so fun doing it at the beach and playing beach volleyball (the best sport!)

It wouldn’t be an FCA event without a little friendly competition. We had a 4 on 4 volleyball tournament that was so fun to watch! Students went all out and had a blast, even if it was their first time playing volleyball. 

Chris and I spoke on what it means to be a Christian competitor. We shared part of stories as college athletes and how God transformed our hearts and minds in what it means to compete for Christ and putting our identity in Him, when as athletes it's so easy to put our identity in our sport. Chris shared the Gospel at the end and there's nothing better than hearing that message. 

It was a great day of connecting with students, having fun, and celebrating all that God did in this last year through FCA!