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International Ministry in South Korea

International Ministry in South Korea

It is exciting times right now for those of us who are passionate about International Ministry within FCA. FCA as an organization has historically had a primary focus on ministry here in the US. Over the past couple years the interest and opportunity for FCA staff and volunteers to serve "the nations" through sports ministry has increased significantly. As a ministry we are now seeking to identify an Executive Director of International Ministry who will help set the direction for the ministry Internationally long term.

There has been a team meeting to plan and share about international objectives comprised of a few staff from across the country and this year we had sports ministry leaders from other countries join the meetings as well!

One of the highlight of my weeks was hearing from the international group that joined us and how God is working in their parts of the world.


I find it so fascinating to see the various ways God is using people from all around the globe to impact people for his Kingdom is strategic ways.

We also have guys here that are starting FCA in South Korea. One of them is a former national champion in Judo!